Monday 11th January 2016 – Recipe Time

Wilma just chilling
Wilma just chilling

It’s Ari and Wilma here with our latest stuffed bone or Kong recipe. We’ve both decided that we prefer the stuffed bones. The problem with the Kongs is that it is just too hard work to get the filling out and we get bored before we get to the end of it. The only one with the patience to finish them off is Alfie and that wasn’t why we started this, although obviously it’s nice for him.

So what did you come up with this time Wilma?

Our Mistress was cooking some bacon so I asked if she could do some for us too. Then she cut it into tiny pieces and mixed it with raw grated carrot and natural yoghurt to bind it all together. The smell drives us wild with anticipation. It’s just great. There’s not a lot of bacon, just two rashers with 4 carrots and then three or four tablespoons of yoghurt, depending on how big the carrots are and how much it needs to bind it together. We made up six stuffed bones and two Kongs with that, so they will last a few days if I don’t share them and a couple if I do!

You will let me have one won’t you?

Yes, if you’re nice to me.

I’m always nice.

Except when you’re not!

There’s something else you’re excited about too isn’t there, Wilma?

Yes, our Mistress thinks the way I’m going I’m going to be really tall. Apparently most of the girls in England who have had puppies aren’t very big and our Mistress would love to have some bigger girls in the breeding programme too. I think I’m going to be one of them. I looked at myself next to Shadow earlier and I’m sure I’m already taller than she is. Aunty Megan was a bit taller, but she didn’t manage to have puppies. Shadow is only 43cms, Queenie is 42cms, even Cinders and Coco are only 44cms so I’m hoping I might even be taller than them. Apparently from the size of my feet it wouldn’t surprise anyone! I wish I hadn’t broken the measuring stick now. Perhaps we can ask our Mistress to glue it back together.

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