Tuesday 12th January 2016 – Howling at the Moon

There are four of us Entlebuchers in this house, but thankfully only one of us howls. Our Mistress blames her younger stepson for encouraging Shadow, but if we’re being honest she doesn’t take any encouragement. I said she’s a werewolf in disguise as an Entlebucher, but she didn’t take too kindly to that. Oh the rest of us bark and have a wider vocabulary than any other breed of dog our Mistress knows. We sing and chatter and grumble, but only Shadow positively bays. She doesn’t really do it at the moon, well not as far as I’m aware anyway. She does it when she’s not being listened to any other way. Then she does it because she isn’t being listened to baying! Our Mistress has asked her to stop, but Shadow says she quite enjoys it as she sounds different to the rest of us and never set out to be just the same as every other dog. Thankfully Wilma is her own dog and has shown no inclination to copy Shadow. Yesterday it was the man cleaning the oven that she was howling at. Shadow was saying he’d been here long enough and she was ready for him to leave. To be honest, listening to her howl as he worked I should think he thought he’d been here long enough too!

Me tugging Wilma round the room
Me tugging Wilma round the room

While Shadow was making her presence felt I occupied Wilma by playing tug with her. At one point it was funny as she walked across her bed on the floor and as I tugged she and the bed were just pulled across the floor. Our Mistress said she should attach a brush to the bed and we could do the cleaning at the same time. I was going to argue the point, but then I realised we’d swept up a small pile of dog hair so might in some way be considered to be to blame for the dirt in the first place.

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