Thursday 14th January 2016 – An Observation

Yesterday all four of us went on exactly the same walk. We didn’t go all at once, our Mistress prefers to take us on our own sometimes. That’s partly because she never knows how far I will walk and partly as she wants to do training with both Aristotle and Wilma and it’s partly so our Mistress gets lots of exercise and fresh air on dry days. Anyway, we all do the same circuit on the airfield as that’s about the only place that is not too wet at the moment. When I got back I still had white paws. When Aristotle got back he needed to go in the shower, as did Wilma. In fact Wilma’s walk was nearly very dirty as she tried to make a beeline for the muckheap that is being readied for spreading on the fields. I just tried to eat some of it as we went past. I didn’t need to get my paws in it. I was trying to assess how come we all end up with different amounts of mud. I guess I don’t walk through the puddles if I can help it, but try to stick to the grassy edge of the field, which IMG_2639although wetter is much cleaner. As you can see from the photo, Wilma tried to head for the muddy ruts in the field in an attempt to wallow in it. She says it’s because Shadow told her it’s good for her complexion, but I really don’t believe that.

Wilma’s training is quite funny. She is doing very well and is very enthusiastic, but some things she throws herself into a little too much. It’s ‘lie down’ that’s the funny one. The rest of us lie down gently on the floor, but not Wilma. She throws herself down in a massive flop and usually ends up in a ball on the floor. Technically she is lying down, but it is not a neat and tidy manoeuvre! I suppose I should not knock it. She already knows as many commands as Aristotle and has asked to learn some new ones. Our Mistress is now trying to come up with much more difficult things for her to do. Wilma loves it.

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