Thursday 15th January 2016 – Pitiful attempt at snow

Looking for the snow
Looking for the snow

Wilma got all excited yesterday when I told her it was snowing. She went rushing to the window to look out and was so upset when everywhere was still green and muddy. She said when she was very small her mum had told her all about snow and how wonderful it is. I had to explain to her that it is wonderful in Switzerland where her mum lives, but that we don’t get it like that very often. I felt quite sorry as for a few minutes she looked so disappointed. She was soon back to her normal bouncy self. She did very quietly ask our Mistress if one day she would take her somewhere snowy so that she could see what it was really like. Aristotle asked if he could go too as the last time we had a lot of snow here was before he was born. Our Mistress said she would see.

Our Mistress has a long list of things in life she still wants to achieve. Frankly some of them are pretty unlikely, but she says you have to have dreams. Anyway, she is about to embark on one of them. On her list is to knit herself an Aran jumper. Now she’s going to try. So far she has chosen the pattern and the wool and it arrived in the post yesterday. Now all she has to do is understand all the charts in the pattern, which runs to seventeen pages, and then make a start. Now, bearing in mind that she hasn’t knitted anything for about thirty years it might just prove a little ambitious. She did have the sense to check she could remember how to knit and that her hand didn’t hurt too much when she did, before buying everything she needs. However, given that the sewing project she started a year ago is still waiting to be finished I can’t help but think she may be being optimistic.

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  1. Hy Alfi, Snow is reality for Wilma. We had have snow when she where still at our home. She li9kted very muche. This is why she where exciting, when here Mistresse told here that it is snowing. Now it has snow here.
    Sorry about our english.
    Love from us all Siska-Sira, Whoopy, Tosca Wilmas half sister and Beija-Flor

    • She was slipping everywhere on the ice on her walk this morning. It was very funny. There’s no snow now though, so she is disappointed.

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