Saturday 16th January 2016 – Naughtiest Pet Competition

I’m going to enter a competition and I thought you might like to too. You could win up to £500 to help you replace the furniture and furnishings you’ve damaged. You might even be able to do it as a good surprise for your human so that they forgive you. What you need to do is upload a photo of what exactly you did (below) and Terry’s Fabrics will choose a winner. There is a second and third prize too, so if you weren’t exactly the naughtiest then it’s not the end of the world. I’ve decided to take the blanket off the settee and admit to the damage underneath. I’m going to get Wilma on board as she made it much worse the other day. I did wonder whether I could get Alfie and Shadow to help too, but Shadow pointed out she destroyed a whole sofa on her own when she was two so doesn’t need to take responsibility for another one and Alfie… well, he’s just a good boy and has never really destroyed anything. If you aren’t taking part but want to vote for our entry, then you can do that HERE

Me and Wilma trying to help with the work

They seem to do some great rugs too, so I wondered if maybe we could get one of those for the office floor to make it a little warmer to lie on in the winter and of course softer to land on when we throw each other off the settee. I wonder if they do pet beds to replace the one I ripped apart playing tug with it when we were in kennels a while ago.

Wilma was very happy on Thursday when our human aunt came to visit. Wilma got really close to her when she went on the trip with our Mistress to bring Wilma back to England. She’s lovely like that is Wilma, once she takes someone to her heart she really does treasure them. I think our aunt was almost as pleased to see Wilma too.

You can find short stories to read at

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