Sunday 17th January 2015 – No more bones

It’s a sad day. Our Mistress has put her foot down and said we aren’t having any more bones from the butchers. Her exact words were, ‘You boys are not having any more bones.’ I’m sure she wouldn’t be cruel enough to let the girls have bones in front of us. They were awesome. Four great big knuckle bones. Wilma and Shadow still have theirs and are savouring them. Our Mistress is very careful to shut me and Alfie out of the areas where their bones are, which is quite honestly mean. Ok, so Alfie’s jaws are so strong that he chomped his way through his in a small fraction of the expected time. The result – one very sick dog! He at least is very good about asking to go out when he’s going to be sick, but he made a dreadful mess in the garden and we’ve had crows and magpies all over the place to what our Mistress didn’t manage to clear up and I didn’t manage to get too first. Alfie at least did learn his lesson and proceeded to find somewhere quiet away from bone temptation. I, on the other paw, didn’t. I just kept on going and have since been a little big sick but a big bit of the other end causing a problem! Our Mistress said she is just grateful that the temperatures have been low enough to freeze the resulting mess and make it

Wilma's bone
Wilma’s bone

easier to clean up. I, unlike Alfie, have not learnt my lesson and I am trying to find a way to get Wilma’s bone from her. I lie on the outside of her crate when she has it in there, just to intimidate her… it doesn’t work. I try sneaking into the office when no one’s looking or when our Mistress goes to answer the doorbell. So far that has been unsuccessful too. I know I’ll get it in the end, it’s just a matter of time. The only problem is that given it is very likely to make me ill again I’m not sure how I’m going to cover the evidence.

Of course on top of that, we’d all drunk more too so we got our Mistress up in the night and that’s before we get onto the fights over whose bone was whose at the start. Maybe on balance we can’t be trusted after all.

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