Monday 18th January 2016 – I’m going to Crufts

Basil and Aristotle at Discover Dogs
Basil and Aristotle at Discover Dogs

It’s Wilma here. I’m writing today’s diary all on my own because I’ve got so much to tell you. Alfie was invited to be an official press person at Crufts again this year, but given he’s not really keen on other dogs and found last year very stressful he doesn’t want to go. Then he asked me if I would like to do it. I’m going to have my own press pass and everything. I’m so excited. I was already looking forward to attending and being on our Club’s Discover Dogs stand, but now I get to do lots more than that. Our Mistress says she is going to try to get me qualified so I can actually take part in the show itself next year, but this year I shall be cheering for Basil, Dickens and Addie, three of Shadow’s children, who will all be in the ring on the Saturday. I suppose it would help to tell you which Saturday! Crufts is at the NEC near Birmingham from 10th to 13th March.

I shall have some tickets to give away as a prize too, although Ari says he’ll help me with the competition for that one. The others have all been before so they’ve been telling me what to expect. Discover Dogs, that’s the bit I shall take part in, is where humans can meet over 200 different breeds of dog all in one place. They get chance to get up close to us all and see what they think. Some of them are there because they are hoping to have a dog of their own and are trying to find out which is most suitable. Some people go because they just want to meet us all and see what we’re all like. Ari said the humans he likes best at the

ones who for some reason can’t have a dog and come because they are so desperate to be around us and miss having one of us in their lives. He says you can see it in their eyes when they approach the stand. The ones who look at the humans first he’s not interested in, but the ones who look at our level and whose faces melt into the biggest smiles just to see us, they are the ones he focuses on. Our Mistress heard him say that and said those are normally the people she likes best too.

Then apparently there are hundreds of stands selling everything a discerning dog could hope for. If I’m good I’m hoping that our Mistress will take me round those too so I can choose a few things to bring home. I might see if I can get some new toys and some treats for the others who are staying at home. Then there are displays of all the doggy sports and I thought I might look round to see if there were any I would like to take part in. And all that’s before you think about all the hundreds of dogs being shown. I am so excited already. There will be over 22,000 dogs there altogether which is a lot of dogs.

If you want to buy your tickets you can do that HERE or you can wait for my competition to see if you win.

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