Tuesday 19th January 2016 – The Mud is Back

Well the weather being cold enough for the ground to be hard didn’t last long and we are now back to good old-fashioned British mud. What was funny was Wilma and Shadow’s walk yesterday. They went together for a walk and to begin with Shadow insisted on being at the front and took very little notice of Wilma. By the half way stage all that had changed and, according to our Mistress, Wilma was taking the lead with Shadow following her. When I say ‘following’ Shadow was trying whole new experiences. She has spent all her life walking round puddles, just as I showed her how to as a puppy. For the first time, watching Wilma she started to wonder if going in the puddles might be a little bit fun. Now, Shadow has reached an age where she takes most of life very seriously, so our Mistress said it was funny watching her tentatively stepping into puddles behind Wilma. It was as though for the first time in her life she was starting to lighten up. Maybe it’s now she has retired from her role in the breeding programme that she thinks she can loosen up a bit, but by the time she got home she needed to go in the shower as well as Wilma. She even asked if the two of them can go out again together, which was not the response our Mistress was expecting. For reference, I have no plans to change my ways. I don’t like getting my white bits dirty and that is not going to change now.

IMG_2654Ari hasn’t been well. He’s still suffering the after effects of the bones. He’s said he’s never going to look at another bone again in his life, but we’ve all heard that before! To be fair, he was pretty bad yesterday so I can understand the sentiment.

This is the photo that Aristotle entered in the naughtiest pet competition the other day. I think he and Wilma look very guilty, though to be fair to Wilma she may not have been in any way responsible for the damage!

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