Wednesday 20th January 2016 – Wanting to swim

please let me climb up

I went swimming again yesterday. It was supposed to be Aristotle’s turn, but he has had a very bad upset tummy and wasn’t up to going. I don’t mind, I quite enjoy it now and it IMG_2660does mean I don’t have to go for a walk. Anyway, annoying puppy came with me so that she could watch. As you can see from the photo she wanted to get in with me. It’s as much as our Mistress can do to stop her. She weighed herself while she was there too, and you are never going to believe how much she now weighs! Two weeks ago she was just over 19.5kg, so our Mistress cut her food a little to help her grow more slowly. She has just carried on growing regardless and is now 21.5kg. That is a lot of puppy. She is beautiful, I’ll give her that and she isn’t overweight at all. She’s bigger than Shadow now and still growing. I made the mistake of getting on the scales while we were there too. I know that if Wilma sits nicely on the scales she’s given a treat. I got on first to see if the same applied to me. There was good news and bad news. The good news was that I was given a treat. The bad news is that my food allowance has been reduced as I’ve put weight on. It’s my own fault for not wanting to walk every day. Our Mistress has given me a choice. I can either go for a walk every day or eat less. It’s a tough call. I would like a third option of eating as much as I like but doing as little as I feel like. Diets are for girls! Tough rugged boys shouldn’t have to diet. When I said that, our Mistress pointed out that tough rugged boys shouldn’t spend most of the day sleeping in a warm cosy house. She may have a point.

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  1. Hello everyone, I am pleased to hear Wilma is going to be a bigger size then I will not be the only big Entlebucher! I am off to the Vets on Friday for my annual MOT and booster so will see what I weigh then. I have been doing a lot of running in the woods even though it is wet and muddy so hope I do not have to go on a diet. It is FREEEEEZING here today, minus 6. I have been for a run at the playing fields it was great but I think a lot of my friends stayed in bed! Have a good day. Love to you all
    Dickens XXXXXXX

    • I don’t think I’ll ever be as big as Alfie and Ari, but I was the biggest in puppy class last night. I can’t wait to meet you Dickens. Have a wonderful time in the cold. I love it when it’s really cold.
      Love from

  2. Hi ! Just to let you know that we (Laila, Bobby and me) met Dixie on our walk here in Maltby yesterday. I recognised Dixie as an Entelbucher and think we only have the one here ! Dixie was looking gorgeous and well behaved xx

    • Oh how wonderful. Our Mistress has been meaning to tell you that Dixie is nearby and now there is another not far from you too. Have a woofly day.

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