Thursday 21st January 2016 – A busy week for Wilma

An awkward position to sleep in
An awkward position to sleep in

Wilma is off for a walk with another Swiss born Entlebucher today. Bertie arrived in the UK just a couple of weeks before she did and she’s been longing to meet up with him to see how his experience compares. He arrived in time for the puppy course before the one she is on, so I think she’s hoping to ask him for a few tips. Having said that she had her first part of the course on Tuesday and whilst our Mistress was fully prepared for Wilma letting her down, based on her experience with the rest of us, that wasn’t the case. She wasn’t a complete goody four-paws, so she hasn’t lost the respect of the rest of us, but she did pretty well. She got on well with all the dogs there, even the little growly ones. There was a poodle puppy that she kept bopping on the head but she did it gently so no one was upset. She comes to sit at heel very nicely, although quite honestly finds it hard to sit in one place for more than half a second, and she walked at heel round the ring better than most of the others. She is a little older than some of them, but there were others her age too. She can’t wait for next week and has already asked our Mistress what homework she needs to do. It’s a Kennel Club scheme, so when she has finished her puppy course she can move on to the Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Citizen courses. She’s getting to do something none of the rest of us have done too as she will start ‘ringcraft’ classes in a couple of weeks, which will teach both Wilma and our Mistress what they are supposed to do in the show ring. Our Mistress isn’t planning to take showing very seriously, but she does want Wilma to qualify for Crufts in 2017. She is too young to have time to qualify for this year, so they are looking ahead.

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