Friday 22nd Jan 2016 – A discussion with Wilma

Bernie and Wilma
Bernie and Wilma

Wilma had a lovely walk with Bernie yesterday. He’s only three days different in age to her so they were well matched. She is as tall as he is, despite the fact he’s a boy, but she is also rather more solidly built. She says it is all just muscle, but our Mistress said looking at them side by side it might not harm Wilma to be a little slimmer. Wilma was not impressed. Like every girl, comments on her figure that are not purely complementary are not that well received. Anyway, as she wasn’t so fussed about having lunch on Wednesday our Mistress said she will simply stop giving her any lunch and see how she goes. So far she has taken it in her stride and accepted that as she gets treats when she does training she’ll just volunteer for an extra training session if she feels peckish.

She and Bernie got on really well and will be meeting up for another play date in a couple

of weeks. Yesterday they went to a place with lots of people and dogs and Wilma really enjoyed meeting all of them, although was too willing to share her mud with anyone brave enough to get close to her. Wilma is much more sociable than the rest of us. Our Mistress is hoping it stays that way and I can understand why. Wilma has asked our Mistress to set up another playdate for her with Monty as well, as she enjoyed the one she had a while ago. He’s going to get a shock when he sees how much she’s grown!

Aristotle would like to thank everyone for the get well wishes. He says he’s improving and as long as he feels well enough he’ll be back with you tomorrow. He’s got an incentive as he has a competition to run so you’ll need to read what he’s got to say.

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  1. Bernie would like to thank Wilma for a very enjoyable play date. She is absolutely adorable, despite her love of mud!

  2. Hello, just back from the Vets and pleased to say I passed my MOT and declared A1!
    I was very brave when I had my booster injection and had a nice cuddle from our lovely Vet.
    I have also lost weight which means I do not have to go on a diet but just have to keep fit and smart for Crufts!. Love to you all, Dickens X

    • That’s great to hear, bro. Wish I were going to Crufts, but Wilma says she can’t wait to meet you.
      Love Ari.

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