Saturday 23rd January 2016 – Win a Pet Mirror

It’s Aristotle here, I’m up and about again, although I do have just a touch of wind, so I’ll 1_Primary_logo_on_transparent_5000keep my distance. Anyway, I’ve got a competition for you with a fantastic prize. You can win your very own Pet Mirror. Now when I say your very own, I mean in the shape of your breed of dog – or your very own dog. How cool is that? We asked the lovely people at to tell us a little bit more about themselves:

What gave you the idea to start doing pet mirrors?

We have been in the plastic industry for over 30 years and wanted to branch out into a new area. We are all dog lovers here and our dogs come to work with us. Making pet mirrors enables us to combine the two and we expanded our range to include Christmas decorations, keyrings, clocks and magnets.

How many different breeds of dog do you make?

Well over a hundred breeds of dogs and for some breeds various different styles. We add new breeds to the website nearly every week and can even make mirrors from people’s pictures of their dogs, so they don’t have to be a pedigree.

What’s the funniest mirror you’ve ever made?

We haven’t really done any funny mirrors, but we have engraved the names of the characters from the Friends TV show on some chicken mirrors!

Do you have any dogs yourself and what are they?

I currently have one male standard Poodle called Enzo, who will be 8 in July.

What are the mirrors made from?

We make them from 3mm thick mirrored Perspex. This material is lighter, safer and cheaper than mirrored glass.

Right then – for your chance to win a medium sized Pet Mirror, so that’s about 35cm x 45 cms depending on the type of dog, email me your answer to the following question: What type of dog is the Acrylic Mirror Clock shown on this page of the Pet Mirrors website ? Email me at by noon GMT on Friday next week and I will announce the winner next Saturday. (Alfie wouldn’t let me have my own email address!)

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