Thursday 28th January 2016 – Showing Off

It’s Ari here again. Alfie is improving, but he asked if I’d write for one more day so he can get his strength back. He is very grateful for all the get well wishes and says he is feeling much better than he was, especially now he’s got a little food inside him again.

Wilma really is getting too much. At her training class this week she actually got two rounds of applause. I never got any such recognition in all the times I went to classes. To be fair, I wasn’t normally deserving of any accolade unless it was ‘barkiest dog’ or ‘dog most likely to pull the ladies!’ Anyway, Wilma was clapped for her heel work and very neat finish to the exercise and then again for her recall, which ended with a beautiful sit in front of our Mistress. To be fair to the other dogs, Wilma is a little older than some of them and as the trainer pointed out so they didn’t feel disheartened, this is not the first time our Mistress has taken a dog through their classes. Having said that, our Mistress doesn’t think it is something she is very good at so is delighted with their progress. Wilma has been working on her sit-stay and can now avoid wriggling for half a minute, even when I try pulling faces at her. She loves going to classes and enjoys working, which is great… for her!

Wilma and Monty in the puddle
Wilma and Monty in the puddle

She had another playdate with Monty yesterday. The weather was atrocious and our Mistress was covered head to toe in her waterproofs. Wilma and Monty thought it was a great wheeze to find the biggest muddiest puddle and just stand in it. Apart that is from the time that Wilma was digging weeds out of the mud and eating them!

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  1. Hi Ari. So glad Alfie is feeling better and has managed some food. Hope you all have a tail waggy woofy day xx.

    • Thank you, I’m beginning to feel quite a lot better and got a good night’s sleep, for which we are all grateful.
      Have a woofly day

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