Friday 29th January 2016 – The definition of irony

Hello, I’m back. I’m so glad you missed me and thank you all for the get well wishes. I don’t mind admitting for a while there I was feeling pretty rough, but thankfully our Mistress took good care of me and I’m on the road to recovery.

You may remember me telling you all about our crow problem and the fact that our Mistress thought she’d found the perfect solution in a rather nice life size owl ornament. I can honestly say that since we’ve had the Owl the crow has not been back. Now for the irony – The owl is still sitting on the kitchen worktop, next to the toaster and nowhere near the porch roof where it is intended to go. Now, whether the crow has been reading my diary and reached the conclusion that one way or another it is beaten, I don’t know, but the credit most certainly cannot be given to the owl. I think now our Mistress will wait to put the owl up if the crow comes back, but there is really only so long it should be sitting next to the toaster!

I thought you might like to see a little video of Wilma and Shadow playing together. Their play is vigorous to put it mildly and one of these days they are going to send something flying, but they were enjoying themselves which is the main thing. You can see it HERE. It’s funny the way they play is different to the way Wilma plays with Aristotle or with me for that matter. With me it’s just the occasional gentle game of tug. With Ari it is rough and tumble gone mad. She and Shadow are much more evenly matched though and both seem

Wilma and Shadow
Wilma and Shadow

to rather enjoy it. I’ve included a still picture too for those of you who don’t want to watch the video.

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  1. Hi Alfie. Welcome back. So glad you are feeling better. Hope you all have a lovely tail waggy woofy day. xx

    • Thank you, I’m happy to be back. I’m hoping to go for a walk later but have asked if we can wait to see if the wind dies down a bit first. Have a woofly day.

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