Monday 1st February 2016 – For the Love of Mud

It’s been really windy here there last few days and I was very distressed on my walk yesterday to find much of the mud has been drying up. Our Mistress said it was funny, whereas Alfie walked round every last muddy patch and puddle. I went through every one and asked if we could go and find some more. I was the only member of the family who was happy when it started raining again later in the day as it should mean at least a few more days of lovely mud. I’d like to be able to run into the middle of some of the fields as there is still big patches of water I could wallow in, but our Mistress says that the farmers are having enough problems getting the crops to grow in these conditions without me lending a helping paw. However, she has promised to take me to the seaside in the summer so I can see what water is really like. I’m going with Shadow to meet up with some of her puppies and I’m hoping one of them might teach me to swim. I’ve been watching Alfie and Ari and I’m sure I could do it if someone gave me the chance.

Anyway, in the meantime, I’m practising all my training ready for my class tomorrow. I’m the sort of dog who thrives on praise and people saying I’m doing well. I just want to work harder and show what I can do… except where mud is concerned when I just don’t seem to be able to stop myself!

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