Wednesday 3rd February 2016 – Shadow’s turn

Just as our Mistress thought we were all better, Shadow had now got the bug that I had last week and Ari had the week before. We’re just hoping that Wilma doesn’t get it too. Shadow was being very sick for a while and really was feeling very miserable. Our Mistress is hoping she’s turned a corner and that she will now be able to get some sleep again. Shadow needs to be fit and strong to be a model for the Judge training on Saturday, so we are hoping she bounces back. In her own fashion she has made much more mess than me and Ari put together and was ill on multiple carpets where we restricted ourselves to outside or the stone floors. Our Mistress has been very patient and sympathetic with her and given her lots of fuss and attention.

In another lesson, our Mistress has learnt why putting a job off is not a good idea. One of our roof tiles was loose, but she thought for just one there didn’t seem much point in calling someone out. Now sadly, given the wind, the loose tile is now multiple small tiles scattered across the drive and given they are not a size that is made anymore the job is rather more complicated. Now she is saying that there is no one calling someone until the wind dies down a little, but I think she’s just waiting to see if the rest of the roof is going to blow away too!

Ari and Wilma stopping our Mistress working
Ari and Wilma stopping our Mistress working

I’ve sent all my forms off to the dog behaviourist to see if they can help me in my anxiety around other dogs. Our Mistress has found some sort of solution for me at home, but when I go out I still get very worked up. I’m sharing Shadow’s room at home for some peace during the day. She doesn’t mind as long as I don’t snore too loudly and it gives Ari and Wilma more playtime without me getting too upset about it. Our Mistress is making sure she gives some time just to me so I don’t feel too left out and so far it’s helping at home. She says that except for the times Ari and Wilma want her to join in the games she can get more work done, which is better.

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