Sunday 7th February 2016 – What an amazing day

It’s Wilma here and yesterday was just amazing. Of course it was Shadow’s seventh birthday and we all sang happy birthday to her, but it was also the training of judges for our breed and I got to take part. There was a big presentation in the morning where the judges learnt all about our breed and where we are from and then in the afternoon they had to assess six of us and write up comments on what we were like. I took part in the afternoon and everyone said that although I’m still only a puppy I look really good and they all think I’m going to grow into a lovely dog. Mum, I know you’re reading this, well our Mistress says you can be very proud of your daughter.

Shadow got to see three of her children, including Leo (D’Artagnan) from her last litter

Leo and Shadow
Leo and Shadow

and he’s doing really well and was just lovely. Our Mistress says when the weather improves we can all go and meet up and go for a walk. I saw Salvo who I spent some of my time with growing up in Switzerland before I came to England and we had a lovely roll about together. There were some very handsome boys there today too which was really nice.


Then I went to meet my human paternal grandparents which was pretty cool too. I was really well behaved, but that was partly because I was so tired after the excitement of the day. If all the judges in the show world were as nice as the ones today I think I might quite enjoy having a little go at showing. They said I need to be a little more controlled in learning to present myself. I have to stand more nicely and learn to run in a way that shows how pretty I am, but our Mistress says all that will come with a little bit of practice.

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  1. Wilma, dear, you’re right: I’m veeeery proud of you! Since you’ve seen the light of day, you are a special dog with no fear and big faith in everybody and everything around you. Go on!

  2. Well done Wilma. What a lovely day you had. Glad Shadow is feeling a lot better. Wish her a belated Happy Birthday from Sammi and me. Hope you all have a tail waggy and woofy day. xx

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