Monday 18th April 2016 – Travelling light

Me on the train

Sometimes Mum makes decisions that really ought to be questioned more thoroughly. Yesterday was one of those days. “We’ll travel light to Zermatt,” she said. “We won’t need much stuff,” she said. She took the bare minimum. Except there were some things that should have been in the minimum that she didn’t think of. There was no towel to dry me and Shadow, but the hotel gave her some old ones so that was ok. She did not take

Me on the train
Me on the train

any spare trousers, which would have been fine if the pair she was wearing didn’t get wet and muddy

My train ticket
My train ticket

for the bottom four inches and that was because she didn’t take any waterproofs and it rained for our whole walk up the mountain. We walked up the mountain for two hours and that’s a lot of time to get wet. She looked funny and couldn’t see out of her glasses that were both covered in water and steamed up. When we got back down we were all ready for a sleep but we’d had a great time. Some of the buildings really looked as though they could fall down at any moment. I said I’d tell you all that this was our hotel, but it wasn’t really. We stayed in a very nice place that welcomed both me and

Shadow by name, which was lovely. I didn’t really like the train we went on to get there. I don’t understand when I had to pay half price for my ticket they then expected me to sit on the floor. It was no fun not being able to look out of the window. I complained a bit but then Mum told me off for moaning so I was good and didn’t say anymore.

Today we are going back on the train and I’m going to see my Mamma and my birth human. I’m so excited. I do hope they think I’m doing ok.

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