Saturday 23rd April 2016 – It’s the weekend

Alfie says I have to start by wishing you a happy St George’s Day, but I’m not really into that stuff as much as he is. Oh I can see myself in the roll of dragon slayer, but then I can see myself in the roll of boy band heart throb as well and that’s never going to happen. I wouldn’t be popular round here if I started to slay dragons, our Mistress seems quite taken with them but in fairness I’ve not seen that many in our village.

Wilma can really run. We’ve been playing chase around the garden now the weather is better. She goes all girly and complains to our Mistress if I play rough. You should have seen her yesterday with her hackles raised trying to look big. What does she think I’m going to do? Ok so I was growling a bit, but I always do that when I run round playing. It puts most breeds of dog off and certainly worries their owners, but I know I’m not the only Entlebucher who does that. Our Mistress has taken to standing behind the water butt when we are running really madly. She says she has no intention of being injured by 30kg of dog barrelling into her. In hindsight, she didn’t want to end up with a cut under her eye and down her nose from Wilma’s claws yesterday morning either, but you live and learn.

Wilma says she’s hoping to go for an adventure later today, although it might be tomorrow. There is a footpath that they have walked a couple of times and our Mistress thinks if they carry on rather than turning round then they will eventually get home. Our Master is going to drop them at the starting point so it isn’t too far to go and he says we’ll have air sea rescue ready on speed dial, but I think he was only joking about that last point!

Have fun


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