Sunday 24th April 2016 – I scared Wilma!

I got frustrated with the world yesterday. We all have those sorts of days once in a while, but mine drove me slightly crazy. We’d been cooped up for a couple of hours while our Master and Mistress did some shopping and I didn’t feel like being penned in. Oh, I’d been for a walk before they went out but I just needed a bit more than that. When they came back Alfie was all whiney because he was worried they’d left him and I just lost my head and pounced on him. Our Mistress separated us and then said I could have a run round the garden with Wilma to let off steam. I was still a bit hyped up so while she played chase me, as I couldn’t keep up I lay in wait for her behind the car and then pounced on her too. She cried foul and said I hadn’t been playing fair. Then she said if I was being like that she wouldn’t play with me anymore so she went to queue up at the back door to go inside. It was my own fault and once I calmed down I could see that. I did apologies to Alfie too. He was having a bad day. When he went for a walk he didn’t know if he really wanted to walk or not and at one point just stood there and didn’t go either forward or backwards but just looked pitifully at our Mistress. She gave him a cuddle and told him it was ok, but she was at a bit of a loss to know what to do. He eventually decided to go back to the car and camehome. He’s been getting up at 5am too and he’s no idea why he’s doing that. Our Mistress tries to go back to sleep on the settee but it can be hard with a dog nose poking in your face.

Alfie checking if our Mistress has gone back to sleep

Have a great Sunday


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