Monday 25th April 2016 – A spot of bother

2016-04-24 15.40.20

Being top dog is not as easy as I’d thought. On the whole I get my own way and I rather like that. Mum doesn’t let me have my own way and I whine about that quite a lot. I get told off for whining which just adds to the frustration. Anyway, Shadow has said she is happy for me to be top dog for almost everything. However, the other night we had a bit of a disagreement about the big chew that Shadow was enjoying. Oh, I know I have one of my own, but I’d understood that the benefit of being top dog was that I could have all of them if I wanted them and right then I decided I did want them. I know Mum had said that she’d get me another if mine was gone, but I was being greedy. I did what comes naturally and stared at her and had a little woof occasionally to make my feelings knows. It’s fair to say I didn’t see Shadow coming as she flew at me with her jaws open and gave me an almighty nip. Mum and Dad broke things up pretty sharpish and only my pride got hurt, but that can be pretty painful. Dad was on Shadow’s side and said I was in the wrong. Mum said it didn’t matter if I were it was never acceptable for Shadow to go in with her teeth. I just waited until she went out of the room for a drink and to go out to the toilet and then settled down to the chew all on my own. We’re friends again now and had a lovely walk yesterday. She said sorry and she did appreciate me being top dog as when we’re out she doesn’t feel the need to bark and everyone and everything anymore, so it works well for everyone. However, she also said I should keep my paws off her chew and the look she gave me – I think she meant it!


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