Tuesday 26th April 2016 – Shadow’s grandchildren


Our Mistress went to meet Shadow’s grandchildren yesterday. There are three of them, one little girl and two little boys and they are now four weeks old. Shadow didn’t go, being the mother-in-law can be difficult particularly when Shadow is not exactly backward in giving her opinion and the new mum is quite a strong character as well. Anyway, our Mistress brought her back some photos and told her how well they are all doing. The little girl looks very like her father, and it will be interesting to see them together sometime when she is older. One of the little boys is so quiet and laid back, that our Mistress says he really seems to be my sort of dog, as much as any dog every can be!

We aren’t impressed by the sudden cold weather. Who would want to go out in this… except Wilma? I have no plans to leave the house until someone turns the thermostat up and that includes when I need to go to the toilet. Oh, I could put my special jacket on, but it makes me look a real wuss. The biggest problem is that the sudden temperature drop makes you feel hungry. It’s all right for our Mistress, she can raid the biscuit tin, but when we ask it’s a completely different story. Just because she was the one born with opposable thumbs she gets special treatment. To be fair, Aristotle would have given helping himself a good go if he hadn’t been caught in the process. Shadow is the only one would doesn’t make a fuss at times like that, but then she is not so bothered about food and she’s got a spare layer of fat to use up before she gets close to starvation!

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  1. I hope you are feeling better today Alfie. This cold weather is getting beyond a joke now. Find a warm cosy corner and have a good snooze. Sammi intends to do that. xx

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