Friday 29th April 2016 – We’ve got a village shop

Alfie checking if our Mistress has gone back to sleep
The New Inn, Tholthorpe, Shop

When you live in a small village some things cause a great deal of excitement and yesterday was one of those days. Our pub, which recently invested in a proper pizza oven, which to the delight of our Master and Mistress has also opened a little village shop. We need never run out of nice bread again, nor for that matter Pain au Chocolat or other fine foods. Now, this is clearly less exciting to us dogs than it is to our Mistress, but I have to say that she is particularly excited and delighted to spend less with the supermarket chains and more in our local community on quality products. I recommend visiting us so that you can sample some of the wares.


On the other paw, my excitement yesterday, if that is not a contradiction, came from the arrival of my calming coat. I don’t know if it is going to work, but it’s comfortable and snuggly, although I think the size smaller might have been all right. We’ll see how it goes as we’d all like me to be a little more settled.

Wilma and Shadow were supposed to go to their ringcraft class last night, in preparation for the show they are going to next week. Unfortunately, our Mistress wasn’t feeling so well so they missed out. Shadow said she’d be fine and Wilma said that to be honest she thought one class wasn’t going to make that much difference and our Mistress was going to need way more than that before she’d be ready! They are just hoping the weather improves a bit before next Friday! I asked if they were going to have baths in preparation for the show and Wilma said she thought our Mistress would, but she and Shadow may not bother.

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