Saturday 30th April 2016 – Murder!

Morning all, it’s Ari here and I’m glad to get my paws on the keyboard, but I have some alarming news.

A group of crows is called a murder of crows, but what is a single evil vicious crow called? Oh the owl is working. The crow is not pecking at the window on the landing. Now you would think that was good news, but it turns out that the crow has a personal vendetta against our family or against the house at the very least. Yesterday, undeterred, he had moved round to the guest room window. There goes any theory of him simply seeing his reflection and pecking at it. The guest room window is not even on the same side of the house. He did not find it by accident. This is deliberate. He is trying to get in and it’s starting to freak us out! Our Master’s suggestion of getting a shotgun has now been even more forcefully rebuffed by our Mistress but on completely different grounds. Before she said it was because she was against it on principle. Now the fact that she is a fiction writer and has seen the Hitchcock film ‘The Birds’ means her imagination has run riot. She is completely convinced that if they do any harm to this crow, then it won’t be just one crow they are faced with but the whole murder of them. Her only counter suggestion is to buy more owl ornaments and place those strategically around the rooftops at all accessible windows. That is going to do one of two things or possibly both. Firstly, it may well force the crow to change tactics. Secondly it may mean she stops being thought of as the crazy dog lady and instead becomes the crazy owl lady. She says that the latter risk is probably worth taking, it’s the former one that really worries her!

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