Tuesday 3rd May 2016 – Shadow’s show preparation

Shadow, as you know, is taking part in a dog show on Friday. We all know she’s not really a show dog, but our Master summed it up when he was talking to her yesterday. He said that if she was the only dog in the class she is in then she shouldn’t be too upset if she came second! Of course, if that happened both she and our Mistress would be upset, whatever our Master says. We know she is a little on the rotund side, but she and our Mistress have been sympathising with each other on that score and say it comes of being a woman of a certain age. In Shadow’s defence having 22 children hasn’t helped an excuse our Mistress can’t use! Anyway, they have one training session to go to on Thursday night to see if that helps and four days of dieting left, but that’s not going to make much difference. Wilma is looking pretty good, but she is still reliant on our Mistress and on them both doing the right things, which quite honestly is a bit of a long shot. It’s only Tuesday and our Mistress is already wondering what inspired her to a) enter the show at all and b) think it would ever be a good idea to try to take two dogs. This will be yet another opportunity for her to appear the rank amateur she is! I knew she’d have been better taking up crochet as a hobby, but she wasn’t going to listen to an old dog like me was she!

I’m off swimming today. I never thought I’d see the day that I’d say I’m really looking forward to it, but it’s one of the few places these days that I feel safe and confident and we can all relax. Wilma comes to cheer me on, which I quite like too.

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  1. Haha, Alfie – wait and see! Did you know you’re posting as Wilma, BTW? Enjoy your swim!

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