Thursday 5th May 2016 – Getting Excited


Wilma is getting excited about tomorrow. Shadow is taking it in her stride, or more accurately sticking her nose in the air and pretending it is beneath her. Secretly I think Shadow is quite excited too, but you never can tell. Wilma was overjoyed yesterday to receive her very first piece of post ever. It was a good luck card from Dickens to her and Shadow.

To be fair, Wilma was having a day of getting excited. She was delighted to find some warm sunny weather for her walk. It wasn’t because she’s been cold or that she minds the rain, it was because there were some butterflies to chase and birds everywhere. We always thought Shadow as bad for chasing things and used to joke that a speck of dust was quite enough for her to get excited about, but it turns out that Wilma is even worse and can’t see a bird without wanting to chase it.

Our Mistress was delighted about the sunshine as her first attempt at fake tan for the year has not gone well. She’s now trying to scrub that off to have another go, but says a bit of real sun on her skin might help a great deal.

I had a catch up with our lovely vet yesterday. She got me to look one way and then the other to see how much movement I have in my neck. To be honest it’s not so good when I’m looking to the right or up, so I told her that. She talked through my medication options and has given me some new painkillers to try. I had to come off my old ones first so I had a bit of an uncomfortable night, but I’m hoping things might improve now. We’ll see.

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  1. Good luck to Wilma and Shadow. I hope your new medication works for you Alfie. Have a tail waggy day. xx

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