Friday 6th May 2016 – Good Luck

Wilma practising her stand

Well Shadow and Wilma will be on their way to the Staffordshire County Showground for the National Dog Show in just a couple of hours. They have got quite a journey to go and with traffic on a Friday our Mistress expects it will take them about three hours to get there. The girls will be in the back together. Wilma has been excitedly talking about what they should expect and Shadow has simply glared at her. I don’t suppose their journey will be much different. I guess the journey home will depend on how well they do as to what mood they are in then. If one of them does well and the other doesn’t they may not be such good friends when they get back.

I’m told they won’t be in the show ring until at least 1.30pm, but they have to get there before that so they will have plenty of chance to chat with Basil, Buddy and Eiger before everything starts. At least Wilma and Shadow won’t compete against each other in their class. If they end up against each other at a later stage then our Mistress is going to have to get someone to help her with the handling. She’s barely competent with one dog, she certainly isn’t up to taking two round the ring at the same time! Now, I know our Mistress and she’s nervous already. I’m taking odds on her tripping over her own feet and making a complete fool of herself, although she may save that ignominy for Crufts if she ever manages to qualify either Shadow or Wilma for it. I’ve told her to think carefully about what she plans to wear and have gone through her choices with her. I’ve also suggested that she remembers to take Wilma’s lunch as there will be hell to pay otherwise. It will help if she remembers her own lunch too, but if she doesn’t she’s only got herself to blame.

So, I guess all that remains is to say good luck from an old dog who knows better than to think of entering into a show himself!

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