Saturday 7th May 2016 – A bitter sweet day

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Arriving at their bench
Arriving at their bench

The girls are all a bit quiet today as you will understand when you hear about yesterday at the show. They were all very nervous and excited, but thankfully got there is plenty of time and were soon working out where to go, with some help from Basil who already knew his way round. They had a lovely walk to settle their nerves and then waited patiently for their turn. It’s complicated but we are on the Import Register- Working Category and the classes they put on for us were with the Import Register – Pastoral Category too. So there were Pumi dogs in with us. Anyway, today five Entlebucher took part, that’s the most UK Entlebuchers there have ever been in a show and I’m pleased to say that all five have come away with their

qualification to take part in Crufts next year. For our girls, Wilma was up first. She was the only one in her class so she couldn’t help but win. More important than that was that she did everything she’d been taught in training and performed very well. It wasn’t all good news though and that’s why they are all a bit quiet today. It turns out that as Wilma has grown her mouth is not quite as it should be and she has an undershot bite. That means her lower teeth come out further than her top teeth. Depending on

Shadow in the ring
Shadow in the ring

how bad that becomes as she finishes growing it could mean she is not allowed to breed, so you can imagine how glum she and our Mistress are. We don’t seem to have any luck at all.

Anyway, there were supposed to be two Pumi girls and they didn’t turn up, so then it was Mum (Shadow’s turn) and she was in the Veteran class and once again was the only dog so she won her class too. Then she and Wilma had to compete for best bitch. Well there was Mum thinking she wouldn’t win anything and she came away with the rosette for best bitch, with Wilma getting reserve. The judge said if it had not been for her teeth then Wilma would definitely have won, which took the edge off the win for Mum too. All in all it was an odd day, but they can at least look forward to Crufts next year.

We’re all proud of them anyway and love them just as much.

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