Sunday 8th may 2016 – Lavender and Mint

Alfie smells like a girl. Our Mistress is trying some aromatherapy with him that is supposed to help keep him calm. He’s got a lavender and mint spray that goes on his coat and our Mistress has said that when the lavender flowers this year she will bring some inside for him. She says she will have some in the office and some in the kitchen. Fortunately, they are smells she is not allergic to and although I’ve teased him he does smell quite nice. I wondered about offering to try some in my coat but I’ll wait and see how he gets on with it first. I don’t want to rush into something like that.

Shadow has asked if her rosette can be put up somewhere. She says she doesn’t suppose she’ll every win something like that again and it certainly shows our Master that she can do it when she tries. Wilma said maybe her rosette from puppy classes could go up too. It’s good job that I am not lacking in self-confidence else I’d be feeling a little uncomfortable about all their success. As it is, I really am pleased for them and not just a little bit happy that I haven’t got to go through it all.

Wilma and our Mistress have cheered up a little. They have talked to one or two people who have said to give Wilma more time to grow and see what happens. She says she’ll try really hard to grow in the right order, but out Mistress has said to her that whatever happens she will be the most perfect little girl in her eyes and they will have lots of fun together no matter what. If things go to plan she’s going to start working towards passing her pets as therapy test next month and then start to spread some Wilma joy to lots of people who need it most. We all think she’ll be rather good at that.

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    • Thank you. Apparently I have to learn not to jump up or lick people, and that’s going to be hard.

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