Monday 9th May 2016 – Bluebell Woods

Reunited with a deformed Horsie

Hello everyone, it’s Wilma here. We went for the most amazing walk yesterday. We went to Beningbrough Hall for a long walk through the woods and along by the river and then we went to the Farm Shop for an ice cream. That’s how Sundays should be spent. It all started with Mum saying could I say to Dad that I wanted to go and try a piece of lemon curd cake. That’s her favourite and she knew if she said she wanted some he’d remind her she’s supposed to be on a diet. He saw through it straight away, but apparently I’d asked so nicely that he gave in anyway. The best bit was that thanks to the helminthic therapy that Mum is using for her allergies she was able to walk through bluebell woods without sneezing or getting asthma for the first time in as long as she can remember. I had difficulty sitting still for a photograph because there were so many wonderful things to sniff and I just couldn’t sit still. It was really very hot and I got tired towards the end of the walk, but the ice cream definitely made me feel better. I got confused by it coming in a cardboard container and tried to eat the container as well thinking it was a cone, but Mum explained to me and took the cardboard away from me. I could have eaten a whole lot more, but what I had was nice. Mum’s going to get Megan’s old cooling coat out for me as my fur is very thick and black and I do get very hot. Shadow seemed to cope much better with the heat for some reason. What did not seem fair was that after getting me to ask for lemon curd cake Mum wouldn’t even let me try some and ate it all herself. How mean is that?

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