Friday 13th May 2016 – Wilma’s day at the hairdresser

Wilma looking tired

Little miss goody four-paws didn’t put a paw wrong yesterday. She’d stayed over at our grandparents’ the night before and had a lovely time seeing them. Then yesterday morning our Mistress drove with her to a convenient train station and they got the train into Birmingham. Wilma sat quietly and was well behaved. She didn’t have to carry her rucksack in the end, so she said it was easier to get comfortable on the train. Then they went to the hairdressers’ in Birmingham and Wilma was so quiet that when someone came in they almost trod on her as they didn’t realise she was there. She said it was odd when some of our Mistress’s hair kept falling on her, but she got used to it. Then they went for a little

How would you like your hair today Wilma?
How would you like your hair today Wilma?

walk in a park so she could stretch her legs before going back on the train and getting the car to come home. The only thing Wilma did which she was not supposed to do was try to chase a couple of pigeons, but as she was attached to our Mistress she didn’t get very far and the pigeons were safe! I was somewhat mollified when Wilma said she had missed all of us and it would have been better if we could have been there too. I did laugh though, as while it might have been better for Wilma I don’t really know how we would have all fitted by our Mistress’s seat on the train. What Wilma said was good was that she didn’t have to pay to go on the train here, which made travelling with her much cheaper than in Switzerland. It’s surprising there aren’t more dogs using the trains on that basis.

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