Saturday 14th May 2016 – I’ve had an idea

Wilma and Ari playing

Happy weekend everyone, it’s Aristotle here again and I’ve had an idea. Now, Alfie has written a couple of books, with a little help and I was thinking that maybe I’d like to try my paw. I think I probably need to draw to make the idea I’ve got really work, but that might be outside mine and our Mistress’s skill set, so I need to work out how to do it. I did want to tell you what the idea was, but I’m really sorry, Alfie says I can’t do that at this stage and I should complete the book first and then tell you about it. I guess that could take a while. Alfie says he’s too old to feel like helping me with it and his days of wanting to work are largely over but I might get Wilma involved, she might enjoy it.

We all had to go to kennels last night as our Master and Mistress were away. We love it there and have a great time, but you should see our Mistress when she has to leave us. She’s practically in tears saying goodbye, which is a bit soppy when it’s only overnight. I was a bit put out when she said it’s Wilma she misses most! You’d think she’d keep thoughts like that to herself. Wilma is very happy and loves going and meeting the other dogs. She shares with Alfie when we’re there and I share with my Mum. It’s easy to tell which is which by the fact that Alfie and Wilma’s beds go home in one piece while mine and Mum’s are in pieces. The trouble is we both like playing tug and our Mistress never remembers to send a tug toy for us to play with, so we have to use our beds. Basically I guess I’m abdicating responsibility and blaming someone else for my bad behaviour, but that’s something I learned from humans.

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