Sunday 15th May 2016 – A bit of a shock

Wilma looking all cute

Those of you who know our Mistress will realise she was born with red hair. When I say ‘born’ I guess most of it grew later, but it was definitely red. Those of you who have seen her recently will have realised that the ravages of time set in some while ago and her hair has long since ceased to be the shocking colour it once was… until now! I know we are dogs and go more by scent than sight, but even we were a little taken aback to see her with her hair back to its original colour. In fairness, I don’t think I’ve seen it like that since I was a puppy a few years ago. Wilma has never seen her look like that, although she was obviously there when it was being done so she could see what was happening.

Wilma says it’s great because it nearly matches some of her fur. Alfie says if it’s good enough for our Mistress could he possibly go to the hairdresser and go back to his original colouring. She wonders if anyone will actually notice, but as I pointed out to her if anyone is short of a traffic light she might come in handy!

Today I have to help with some gardening. I can be trusted not to dig things up as our Mistress tries to plant other things. Mostly I’ve got to help with the potatoes today. We’ve got a clever pot that is in layer and you build it up as the plant grows. It’s the first time our Mistress has used it and I need to supervise the opportunities for it to go wrong. She’d be lost without me. She talks each stage of what she’s doing through with me so I can sense check it before she does it. You think I’m joking, but I’m really not.

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