Monday 16th May 2016 – Win £1000 in Amazon vouchers to be a pet model

Alfie resting

We thought you’d like to know that Amazon are running a competition to find the ‘faces’ of their pet store. They are looking for seven different animals to feature as their faces and each of them can win a prize. Now, obviously we’re only entering as dogs. I’d look a bit stupid disguised as a goldfish, but don’t let that stop you giving it a go, or entering your actual goldfish which might be a better idea. They are looking for a horse, dog, fish, cat, reptile, bird and small furry animal, so you’ve got plenty of choice. What you have to do is submit pictures of your animals using the hashtag #AmazonPets. You can find all the details HERE The competition closes on 5th June so you’ve got plenty of time to take the very best photo you can.


Ari has been feeling a bit down. He really missed our Mistress when she wasn’t around last week and is finding it hard to have to come behind Alfie as much as has been the case. He says it isn’t helped by the fact that his legs are hurting him a bit at the moment. He poured all this out to our Mistress yesterday when she tried to take him for a walk, but he didn’t really want to go. She sat down with him and listened and tried to work out what she could do. They came home and spent some time in the garden together, which was easier on his legs and she’s giving him an anti-inflammatory pain killer for a couple of days to ease things. She’s also going to take him swimming tomorrow as that really does him good. On top of that she has promised to give him more cuddles and make sure he gets chance to sit on the settee with her in an evening. I played with him for a while too, but he said with his legs hurting that wasn’t really what he wanted, although he appreciated the thought.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon Ari. I had a brilliant day yesterday. I went to an event and everything was for dogs! It was called Paws in the Park. Loads of treats and food to try! I saw some friends and had a go on some activities. I liked the “scurry” -jumping over hay bales. I was not as fast as the gundogs but it was good fun. Would you believe it two people knew which breed I was!!!! One even knows Buddy!!!! I am having a lazy day today to recover. Lots of love to you all Dickens XXXXXXXX

    • Sounds amazing. So glad you had a good day. I wish I could go to something like that. I wouldn’t be allowed to jump over things because of my leg but I could try all the treats!
      Have a good day.

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