Wednesday 18th May 2016 – Wilma is working hard

Wilma and her beef rib
Wilma and her beef rib

Normally we are given a bone and encouraged to make it last a long time. We’re told not to spend all day chewing it as it won’t last. We are all jealous of Wilma right now. She has been given permission to have beef rib bone after beef rib bone after our Mistress has been told that another dog owner has used that method to help pull misshapen teeth into the correct place. Our Mistress wonders if she should have started it sooner, but better late than never! Wilma was given her first one on Monday and is being encouraged to chew on it just as much as she can bear. She already had three more ready and waiting in the freezer and as the butcher is only half a dozen houses down the road there will be plenty more available where they came from. The rest of us are drooling and wishing our teeth had not grown quite right, but Wilma has at least let me have a little chew when our Mistress wasn’t looking. She’s a good friend like that.

It was really funny the other day when Wilma lost her chew. She had our Mistress searching under chairs and tables for it. No one realised I’d borrowed it and taken it in the other room. I really must remember in future not to leave it in my bed when I’ve done that as it’s a bit of a giveaway. Next time I must move it to Ari’s bed and frame him so I don’t get into trouble. It made the whole conversation between our Mistress and Wilma at the time quite funny to watch.

“Where did you have it last?”

“I don’t remember. I think I was on the settee.”

“Have you sniffed underneath to see if it’s there?”

“Yes, but it might help if you got down on the floor and looked for me in case I’ve missed it.”

You get the picture.

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