Thursday 19th May 2016 – A Day Out

Aristotle and Alfie

Yesterday our Mistress went for a day out. She missed out on all the sunny days to choose a wet day for an outside day out. Perfect timing, not helped by getting Aristotle and Wilma walked before she went – also in the rain. You should have heard Aristotle complaining about having to go out for his walk so early in the morning. None of us really are early birds. We need to build up to the thought of the great outdoors. I was just glad that our Mistress didn’t try suggesting I should be going for a walk before 9am! You can pretty much guess what I’d have said to that one. Shadow is having a rest day today, or a ‘princess day’ as she calls it. She plans to be pampered and do very little. It’s mainly because she tweaked the muscle in her leg that she hurt last year and which took about eleven months to heal. She says she can’t be too careful at her age, so she’s putting her paws up. She was running round the garden being madly chased by Wilma when she tweaked it and they were having fun. It really never ceases to amaze us how well those two get on together.

On our Mistress’s to do list is to try to find some puppies to import. Apparently we’ve got so many people on the waiting list again that it will take a very long time for some of them to get a puppy from the UK. Apart from that it’s always good to bring in different lines in the hope they will go into the breeding programme. Anyway, there are people on our waiting list now who are willing to travel to collect their puppy so we need to see if we can find some suitable ones for them. It takes a lot of work trying to find them and then checking out their pedigrees and health tests and making sure they are coming from a good breeder. You see all the articles which say puppy imports are bad and it makes our Mistress really cross. They are only bad if they are from puppy farms and not looked after properly. Puppies from good breeders help to diversify the different breeds and that’s a good thing.

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