Friday 20th May 2016 – They’re at it again

We seem to be under surveillance from Red Necked Grouse. There was one on our drive waiting as Aristotle got in the car to go for a walk and then when he and our Mistress got to the airfield there was one waiting for them to park. I don’t know how they are communicating, but when they got back surveillance was passed back to the local ones. If this continues I think we should be worried. It’s not that we’ve got anything to hide, well nothing I can really think of, but there must be a reason they’re monitoring our activities. Of course it may just be Aristotle and there’s no knowing what he’s been up to. For all we know he might be a fully trained spy working for foreign intelligence. He wouldn’t be able to tell us if he were and you know, I think he’d probably be very good at it. He could certainly charm secrets out of people and would be very devious if he needed to be. Maybe there is a whole underworld going on around me that I don’t know about. It’s a worrying thought that we might be harbouring a foreign spy, but I guess you can never be too sure. I think I might have a word with our Mistress and suggest she restricts his access to the settee in the lounge and the bed upstairs just to be on the safe side.

Wilma was thrilled to have a phone call from her birth mum the other evening. Aristotle and Shadow were in the midst of a full blown argument when the phone rang, but they put their differences aside so that Wilma could hear. She was very happy to hear from them and assured them she was well and that her teeth weren’t causing her any problem. She told me she didn’t want to sound too positive in case it stopped her bone supply!

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  1. Haha, Alfie – my late mum and dad used to be ‘befriended’ by a pair of pheasants, who used to sit on a particular branch of a particular tree, in their garden in Perthshire, every evening at the same time – so that they could look through the side window of the lounge, and watch TV. If mum or dad were late switching on, they would be sitting oatiently on their perch, waiting …

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