Monday 23rd May 2016 – Walking with Alfie

Wilma and me wondering if we are missing something

Oh it’s been a lovely weekend. I’ve been given the job of giving Alfie courage so he can go for a walk. I got a little too excited on Saturday and was darting around all over the place barging into him and generally being companionable. He did barge me back once, so it was ok, except for the fact that when I barge him I sort of bounce off and when he barges me I’m knocked off my paws.

My job was much more important yesterday as we met a couple of other dogs while we were out, so I had to reassure him and run up to them to ask them to stay out of his way as he gets so anxious. Apparently I did quite a good job and although he tried to pull Dad over at one point he only bayed once and wasn’t nearly so scary to the other people and dogs as he has been when Mum has tried taking him. She says that we’ll try it as often as Dad is free to come with us so he gets plenty of exercise, particularly as Ari needs to use the swimming slot for a few weeks to strengthen his legs again. It’s great as far as I’m concerned. Alfie’s my best mate and I do like to be able to help him. He actually said I did it nearly as well as Bella, his girlfriend, which I take as a real compliment as I know how special he thinks she is. I’ve told Shadow I can still go for walks with her sometimes too as I know how much she’s enjoyed having me along for company and we do get on so well. Mum has said she can take us two and maybe that means I’ll get to go for two really good walks each day now I’m a bit older. I’m definitely up for that.

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