Tuesday 24th May 2016 – What do you get if…?


What do you get if you have builders knocking mortar out with a large hammer and a decorator painting the windows? In our case, an awful lot of barking! Our poor Mistress has sat us all down and asked for just a little bit of cooperation. She has said that she is working, but I really think she might be mistaken. I can’t hear myself think for all the noise, so I don’t see why she should be any different. Yesterday she resorted to long walks for Ari and Shadow to settle them down and goody four paws Wilma hasn’t been a problem after our Mistress explained to her what was going on. Shadow had to have her chair by the window moved as she was getting so animated she was going to fall off it again and was risking getting hurt. Ari was pretty good once he was given somewhere quiet and out of the way. I’m ashamed to say that I was the one who was the most noisy. You know what I’ve become like. I just don’t like anything which disturbs my quiet and calm.

Wilma and our Mistress were having some fun the other day playing together and taking selfies. Wilma has this lovely way of pushing her ears right back when she is really happy being stroked. I’ve tried getting my ears in that position but they just aren’t built the same as Wilma’s. Mine don’t seem to have as much expression in them. Maybe I should have practised when I was younger, but I think it’s more to with the fact that I have more cartilage in my ears and they just don’t bend the way that Wilma’s do. Mind you, as photos go that was rather more flattering than the one our Mistress took of Wilma in bed!

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  1. Hi, Wilma sleeps like me! I use this position when I am hot, to cool down, or when I am super relaxed.
    It is going to be noisy in our garden soon as we have men coming to renew some fence panels. Because I will bark a lot I have heard talk of a day out so looking forward to their arrival. I keep peeping in the diary but cannot see an entry yet.
    Hope you have a good day, The sun is out here already, Love Dickens XXXXX

    • Going out for the day sounds like a great option. I’m going to put in a complain that I wasn’t given that option. Have fun.

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