Wednesday 25th May 2016 – Missing Swimming

Wilma and me wondering if we are missing something

I never thought you’d hear me say this, but I’m missing going swimming. Ari has gone two weeks running now to try to strengthen his legs and as I’m doing rather better since my new tablets our Mistress thought I wouldn’t mind. Well I do. I do miss the fact that the water makes my coat all lovely and soft but most of all I miss the lovely lady that helps me in the pool. I really like her and she gives me a cuddle when I have a rest and generally makes me feel good. I like that our Mistress and Wilma are sitting and watching me. It makes me feel special. I even quite like the actual swimming. I know I’ll get to go again soon, but I’m also worrying a little bit that I might forget how to do it and the water might start to seem scary again. I know Ari needs it at the moment, but I hope I can go again soon.

I even found myself asking our Mistress how her plan to buy a paddling pool for Wilma was coming on. All she would say was that it won’t be Wilma’s birthday until July and I needed to wait and see. Actually she might have said something about my not being able to keep secrets and if she told me then Wilma would get to find out about it, but I really can’t think where she gets that idea from.

We’re growing potatoes for the first time this year and I’m sure that our Mistress got the seeds mixed up with triffids. Our Mistress explained that they are from ‘seed potatoes’ rather than seeds, but however they started they are starting to take over. I don’t know how long it takes for them to produce potatoes, and come to that neither does our Mistress, but I hope they get harvested before the plants move into the house and take over.

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