Friday 27th May 2016 – Not feeling so good

I'd forgotten how Shadow used to insist on getting into bed with me.

Just when you think that your health has really improved you end up with bouts of pain and start to feel miserable again. I’ve had several weeks where the new tablets seemed to have got everything under control but that doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment. Our Mistress has said we’ll give it a few days to see if it was just that I’d moved awkwardly before looking at going back to the vet. She did give me a lovely shoulder massage to try to help me relax and she bathes my eye each day when it has been runny. I just want to be near her and be quiet really. Wilma tries to look after me too, but then sometimes she does something without thinking, like using me as a stop for her big chew so she can really get a purchase on it on the settee. I got really fed up the other day because every time I seemed to have dozed off it suddenly hit my thigh. She did keep saying sorry, but in the end I had to ask her to take it to another chair because I really wanted a sleep. She put it down and got her bone instead, which was fine.

2016-05-26 12.49.52

One thing we really want to know is what this is? We found it in our garden when we were digging and it’s clearly some sort of old tool, but we don’t know how old it is or what it was used for. I think our Mistress is going round to ask our neighbour as he was a farmer and knows much more about these things than we ever will. I’ll have to let you know what we find out, but if you’ve got any ideas than do let me know.

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  1. So sorry you aren’t feeling too good Alfie. I hope you feel better soon. Sending you lots of hugs. xxxx

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