Thursday 2nd June 2016 – Wilma at 10 months

Wilma has complained that we’ve all talked about what we were doing when we were ten months old but no one has talked about her. I pointed out that almost every day is about her. Anyway, we’ve been laughing at the naughty things we did so she’s asked for it!


Wilma has started to dig in the garden. She’s been eating the grass for a while, but now she seems to be turning into a full blown digger. She’s clever though and only digs when we can’t see her. Which makes it very hard to tell her off and teach her not to do it. Chasing the birds is an altogether different matter. She and Shadow seem to have an inbuilt need to do that, now our Mistress just needs to work out how to teach her not to.

Ok, so I’m struggling here. Wilma is about as close to perfect as you can get. She likes her food… and everybody else’s. She’s too clever by half and knows how to open a door, open a dog gate, dismantle a crate, jump over a gate and generally make sure she can be wherever it was she wanted to be, but that’s a skill to admire rather that to criticise her for. If the world were filled with dogs like Wilma it would be all the better for it. She was called Wild Wilma when she was little, but she’s everything but wild. She’s fearless that much is certain, but I need that to help counter my concern about everything.

Well Wilma, I hope you’re happy with what I found to say about you. If you want me to tell about the naughty things, like Shadow eating a book and wrecking the settee, you’re going to have to try harder! Now I’m tempting fate!

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