Saturday 4th June 2016 – Bark Bites Review

I love it when I get the nice reviews to do. Every so often we get asked to try new dog treats and if our Mistress thinks you might be interested then she says yes on our behalf. This time we have been lucky enough to try a box from and I have to say they have gone down rather well with all of us.


They are branded as being ‘Healthy Snacking Happy Dog’ and I have to say from the three flavours we’ve tried that is certainly true. Their treats are not your common or garden way to shut us up or give us a meaningless reward. They are hand made with high quality human grade ingredients and have each been designed with ingredients for a special purpose. They do treats that can help ‘Joints and Mobility’, Alfie and I have tried the chicken parcels and they are wonderful. Then there are ‘Weight Control’ treats, which seems like an excellent idea so we can still have something while we are dieting. Our Mistress is thinking of ordering some of those for herself! The ‘Bedtime’ treats have ingredients that can help you calm and settle for the night and the ‘Training’ treats have ingredients that can aid memory and brain function. They also do ones that help ‘Teeth and Gums’, ‘Skin and Coat’ – we tried the turkey and sweet potato bakes, we had to think about those ones but only for a minute before deciding we’d rather like a second one. There is one type called ‘Vitality and Immune’ and we tried the lamb and kale munchies. To give you an idea of what they are like I’m not exaggerating when I say that Wilma almost wrestled them out of our Mistress’s hand. Wilma loves them so much that our Mistress has used those ones as training rewards for her. They have the advantage of being easy to handle as they are a dry small biscuit so perfect for carrying to training classes.

There is no added sugar, no preservatives and nothing genetically modified or that is from waste by-products.

Now our Mistress doesn’t usually go a bundle over things that might be seen as ‘trendy’ but she is totally taken with these and so are we. They come in a handy box that easily goes through the letterbox and can be delivered to you weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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