Monday 6th June 2016 – Hi, I’m Wilma and I’m addicted to bones

What am I going to do when my bone supply stops being so plentiful? I’m getting a new bone every couple of days at the moment in an effort to help to correct the direction of my upper teeth. The problem is that I’ve got to rather like them and I think I might be addicted. Is there a ‘Bone Chewers Anonymous’ that I can attend to see if they can help me? I’m even trying to come up with arguments to put to our Mistress as to why my supply should carry on indefinitely. I’m reasonably good with them and once I’ve got the best of the meat and sinew off I’m happy to share them occasionally with the boys. I would share them with Shadow, but to be honest she doesn’t get this whole sharing thing. She seems to think if someone gives her something that makes it hers to keep and she’s entitled to defend it against all-comers. At least the boys understand that once they get bored they need to give it back again and I tend to find the very fact they wanted it for a while, sets me off needing to chew it again for a while.

On the downside, the office looks a bit like a bulldozer has drifted through a graveyard and our Mistress says that falling over bits of bone everywhere is proving a little tiresome. I’d have thought she’d have been more upset about all the bits of sinew I keep leaving on the settee, although to be fair Alfie does his best to go round and pick those up for me. He’s the tidy one of the family, whilst the rest of us go round leaving a mess all over the place. The humans only really seem to mind when they end up sitting in something unpleasant and wearing it.

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