Tuesday 7th June 2016 – The American Election

Now I know this isn’t dog related, but every so often our Mistress lets me share something she’s written for something else. This is a satirical piece that she has written as a parody of the Aesop’s fable The Tortoise and the Hare. If you haven’t been following what is happening in America, the hare is Donald Trump and the Tortoise is Hillary Clinton. If you enjoy it, do feel free to share the post for others to read.

The Tortoise and the Hair

There once was a speedy hare who bragged about how fast he could run. He bragged about many things. He bragged about his mansions and towers. He bragged about his Jessica Rabbit wife and Playboy Bunnies. He bragged about being the greatest hare that ever lived.

Then there was a tortoise. She was steady and reliable, neat and tidy. In fact, she was a very faithful and determined tortoise.

One day, the hare challenged the tortoise to a race. “Let’s run for president,” he said as his mop of fur flapped in the breeze. “I will beat you by bullying everyone into supporting me and make those who don’t look stupid.”

The tortoise just smiled, realising the hare would make himself look more stupid than any of his opponents.

“I know,” said the hare, “we’ll build a wall.”

The tortoise smiled and began to build a bridge.

The race was long and thousands of people lined the route, cheering first for one and then the other. Every so often the hare stopped to admire himself in the mirror, but the tortoise kept plodding on. Everything was evenly matched until the hare came to a complete stop. There in front of him was the wall he’d built. It was so high he couldn’t get over it and so wide he couldn’t get round it. He was too stupid to think of knocking it down.

Soon the tortoise came along and saw the wall. She saw the hare looking slimy and disheveled from his efforts to climb over it. She smiled and quietly walked along the wall to the bridge that she had built. Then she crossed the bridge to reach the finish, but the hare was too arrogant to follow, so he stood, on his own, and stared at the wall.

© Rosemary J Kind 2016

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