Sunday 12th June 2016 – About time too

Now what you may not have realised is that for the last two weeks we’ve been amusing ourselves without the interference of our usual humans. They have been off enjoying themselves on holiday and what’s more were planning to meet other dogs! Can you imagine, not taking us and then adding insult to injury by meeting another Entlebucher so she could show them round the place she lives? I’m sure Alfie will tell you more about that once he’s grilled our Mistress when she gets back. Anyway, they are due back today and, being dogs, we are really looking forward to seeing them and will instantly forgive them. Now, if we were cats we’d be able to be aloof and make them suffer and at times like this I could almost wish I had a little bit of cat in me. But I haven’t. I will jump all over our Mistress and bruise her to mark her out as mine, in the same way I always do. Before she went away she did promise that the first couple of days back would be devoted to the four of us. She has promised us extra walks and extra cuddles to get us all settled down again. I suggested she could buy us each a bone and that would do the trick, but after we made ourselves ill the last time she tried that approach I don’t think she’s quite so keen.

She has promised she won’t be going away and leaving us for as long as this again, at least not this year and we are all very pleased to hear that. If she thinks two weeks feels like an eternity to her in human time, just imagine how that works out in dog years! Alfie is the one who copes least well so I guess he’ll be getting lots of reassurance and love very soon.

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