Monday 13th June 2016 – Nearly Fun Day

I am so excited. It’s Fun Day on Saturday and I’m going to see lots of my Entlebucher friends. It’s only down the road from us so we have to help set everything up and make sure it’s ready for my friends. Shadow’s excited, not that she shows it, as some of her children will be here and she always likes to check how they are doing. Alfie is staying at home he says his Fun Days are well and truly in the past, although he would quite like to see his girlfriend if he gets chance as he doesn’t suppose he’ll get that many more opportunities. One of Ari’s brothers is hoping to be here and it will be fun to see him. I’ve tried learning to catch so that I can do a little better at biscuit catch, but it’s just not my skill. I just don’t seem to be any good at paw-eye coordination. Mum says there’s no point in my taking up tennis or badminton on that basis, but I never really thought of either of those as dog sports. You can come and join us if you’d like to. I guess North Yorkshire is a bit of a long way for some of you, but you would be very welcome. Cinders’ Mum is making us all pup-cakes and if they are as good as last time we’ll all be very happy dogs! I think the humans have to bring their own but it’s our fun day so that only seems fair.

I suppose I should go and practice some of my tricks ready for the weekend and my obedience ready for starting my bronze good citizen course next week. I hate homework though, it’s such a chore when you’re ten months old and there’s always something better to do.

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