Tuesday 14th June 2016 – Stella the Entlebucher

Stella the Entlebucher
Stella the Entlebucher
Stella the Entlebucher

For a long time our Mistress has enjoyed all the photos that Jagger and Stella post on the The Mountain Dog Blog so, much as we were jealous, it was only natural that she would want to meet Stella when they went on holiday to the city where she lives. Jagger is more mature like me and didn’t want to go into the city, but Stella was happy to go into Boston with her human so she could meet our Mistress. Unfortunately it was one of only a few days while they were away that it rained.

Our Mistress is used to that sort of weather walking us, and she’d remembered to take her waterproofs. Stella is very well behaved and now our Mistress is discussing with the four of us whether it is time to raise our game a little and maybe do the things she asks. We listened to her politely before declining!

I don’t think our Mistress has been thrilled to return to the British weather and find just how much rain can fall in a short space of time. Wilma is thrilled as it means puddles everywhere and with it being warmer everything is growing really fast, so there’s long grass to run through as well. At home it means the fruit and vegetables are growing well, which has to be good news. I’m waiting for the carrots to get bigger but Wilma’s got her eye on the cherries first. Our Mistress says that Wilma seems to have really grown up over the last couple of weeks. She went into kennels as a puppy and came out an adult dog. At least in appearance, apparently she was just as much a puppy as ever when they went for a walk. Wilma was on the extending lead and our Mistress wasn’t concentrating, so when Wilma broke into a sudden run our Mistress nearly ended up having to chase the hares into the field with her.

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