Saturday 18th June 2016 – Will I or Won’t I?

Hello everyone it’s Ari here. I’m waiting to see if I will get chance to take part in Fun Day or not. The problem is I’ve been limping a bit and our Mistress doesn’t want me to charge round and make my legs hurt any more than they already do. Have you ever tried to pretend there is nothing wrong, when there clearly is? Well that’s how I am today. I really want to go to play with the others. I’m hoping one of my full brothers will be there and of course lots of others. Wilma and Shadow are definitely going, but I need to see whether our Mistress is fooled later or not.


I thought you’d like these pictures of Wilma. She was told to go to bed and because she didn’t really feel like it, she was trying to see if she could get away with just having one paw in bed. Then she was told that wasn’t good enough and because she couldn’t get comfortable she ended up digging at her mattress and getting everything in a really odd position before getting in. At least she’d got horsey where she could put her head on him as a pillow.

Wilma and I have been very happily sharing a great big chew between us. Shadow won’t share with anyone else, so I was thrilled when Wilma said it was ok for me to have a chance with the chew while she had a nap. We’ve been taking it in turns since then and it’s been really nice. I think Mum (Shadow) is really missing out by not being willing to share. I know she’s always been like that, but she doesn’t need to be quite so possessive. Wouldn’t the world be a nicer place if we were all willing to share?

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