Sunday 19th June 2016 – I came, I played, I’m happy


Oh what a day I had yesterday. Our Mistress said I could go to Fun Day as long as I promised not to mind that I would have to sit and watch for some of it. Of course I agreed. For reference I did mind when I had to sit out, but that was better than not going at all. Our Master partnered with me in some of the games and I had the most amazing run round with the other dogs. The best bit was when my brother Amigo was there and he and Mum and me had a big family game of chase. Wilma joined in, but she didn’t really get the whole brothers things. My little sister, Cinders, had made pup cakes for us all and I have to say they were very tasty. I had seconds of those. We took one home for Alfie too so he didn’t miss out on the important things.

Wilma was funny as she’s just had her food cut a little so she tried to see if she could snaffle food from everyone. Our Mistress watched her like a hawk and was quick enough to stop her when she was on the point of success.

Once the day finished Bella came home to visit Alfie and they had a sort of game of ball in the garden. Alfie did a lot of barking because he was so excited. The rest of us just left them to it. We were all exhausted after the excitement. Today is going to be a quieter day with some sleep and rest and that’s just for our Master!

There was one small incident yesterday when one of the dogs thought his nephew was just too in his face. Unfortunately his nephew needed a trip to the vet to have an antibiotic injection and some pain killers as the bite to his ear was a little more than he was expecting. That’s family for you.

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  1. Hello Ari, so glad you were able to go to the fun day and thank you for telling me all about it. It sounds as if you had a good time. I am sorry I could not come, but it is a bit far to travel on a day trip. I know I would have liked the cakes -yummmm.
    Happy Fathers day to your Dad and Binto-Sami and all Dads everywhere. Love Dickens X

    • It would have been super cool if you could have been there too. It’s a shame we live so far apart. We’ve given our Master his card – Shadow went up and bounced on the bed to wake him, but he didn’t mind a bit.

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